Yao Chen accused of being a cheater

Yao Chen accused of being a cheater

22 Sep – Chinese actress Yao Chen was recently accused of cheating on her ex-husband while they were still married from 2004 to 2011.

As reported on Want China Times News, the 34-year-old Chinese actress, whose popularity soared again after her 2014 drama "Divorce Lawyers" became one of this year's biggest hit, was accused of having an affair with several men during her marriage with actor Ling Xiaosu.

The allegations, made by Beijing-based Longting Yidu Culture staff, Ju Chunlei, on 17 September, stated that the couple's divorce was caused by Yao's extra-marital affairs with four different men during their seven-year marriage. The revelation was made soon after rumours of Yao Chen getting a divorce from second husband, Cao Yu, hit the media.

Ju also claimed that the actress hooked up with her co-stars during filming, and gave an instance of Yao's relationship with actor Sun Honglei and cinematographer Cao Yu. Ju claimed that Yao was in a romantic relationship with Cao for two months and got married nearly two years later after Yao's divorce from Ling in January 2011.

Though Ju later apologised for his post, he said that justice would not be served until he exposed the truth.

Meanwhile, actor Sun Honglei has declined to comment on the matter.

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