Yang Mi mistaken as Fan Bingbing

Lester Gan Wai Lun
Yang Mi mistaken as Fan Bingbing

30 Sep – Most female celebrities hate being mistaken as others but don't count Chinese actress Yang Mi as one of them. The Chinese sweetheart experienced first-hand the feeling of being mistaken as Fan Bingbing at the recent Milan Fashion Week, according to a report on Daily Chili's website.

When Yang Mi appeared at the international fashion event, the foreign media mistook her as another Chinese movie star, Fan Bingbing, and started calling out to her.

Far from being offended, the 25-year-old "Palace" star said, "We are both Virgos. Similarly, we are both perfectionists. I like her a lot. I would be very happy if they mistake me as her."

Moreover, she gushed about Fan, saying that the latter can effortlessly stand out and has been a trendsetter in Chinese fashion.