What your fave flower says about you

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By Maui V.Reyes

Ever wondered if your liking for a specific kind of flower meant anything? Apparently, it does! Read on to see what your favorite flower says about you:

Daisy- You’re most likely a down-to-earth, sunny, optimistic person. Daisy-lovers tend to always be cheerful and energetic—the perfect person to call when you’re going through a difficult time and need a pick-me-upper.

Rose- Are you a romantic? Those who love roses tend to be passionate people who love anything elegant. They’re also big on tradition, so they’re not one to miss out on family dinners and holidays. Rose-lovers tend to have warm personalities, and demand deep and meaningful relationships.

Tulip- Chances are, you’re a sweet, charitable, and thoughtful person. Those who love tulips are always ready to give sound advice, plus they’re really good listeners.

Orchid- You must be a worldly person with a love for anything exotic. Orchid lovers usually give off an air of mystery, and rarely speak their mind unless needed. While you may not have a gaggle of friends on Facebook, the ones you consider your best buds are super loyal to you.

Lily- Lilies give off an “elegant” vibe, so it’s no wonder that those who gravitate toward this flower are equally elegant and graceful. If you love lilies, you must be the type who becomes the center of attention at a party without even trying. Lily-loyalists tend to be serene and dignified, as well.

Carnation-You’re very traditional, and sometimes, you might border on being “too conservative”. Nevertheless, people love your sense of loyalty, and they trust you enough to seek out your guidance.

Iris- Do you get bored easily? Those who love irises have creative souls, and loathe being surrounded by anything mundane. You most likely abhor having a 9-to-5 job and would much rather spend the day writing, painting, or doing anything creative.