What to do when you’re having second thoughts about your fashion buys

James Lin
Fashion Season Shopping

The Great Singapore Sale is almost over, and you’ve already blazed through town with your cash or credit card. But now that you’ve had the chance to really look over your recent acquisitions, you’ve probably found yourself regretting – and agonising over – some of your not-so-wise purchases. Don’t fret: You can still fall back on these tips and solutions.

Push your luck
Head back to the store and request for a refund or exchange. Of course, most stores have strict policies so you better have a good reason ready. For example: You bought a leather jacket your best friend has been eyeing for ages – only to find out that she recently bought the item on impulse. Sounds plausible?

Give it a second life

Take for instance a pair of jeans you realised had a similar cut and wash to another pair you already own. Simply go to your tailor and get creative: Turn it into mid-length denim shorts or employ other funky ways to jazz it up. Have fun!

Re-gift or donate it
Go through your list of close friends and think of someone who might need what you’ve got. Otherwise, charity organisations like the Salvation Army would be happy to take in your pieces. Either way, you’ll do a hell lot of good for others.

Bide your time
There will be occasions when brands will offer trade-in promotions for a limited period. So be patient and hang on to those items – there might be an opportunity to exchange them for discounts a few months later.

Out of sight, out of mind
The pain only hits close to home when the piece is in full view. So if none of the above suggestions works for you, then perhaps you can stow it away in some forsaken corner of your closet. After all, time heals all wounds!

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