Wayne, Moses and Kevin: Who is the TVB King?

Wayne, Moses and Kevin: Who is the TVB King?

3 Oct – Wayne Lai, Moses Chan and Kevin Cheng were revealed to have been nominated for the TVB King title for "TVB Anniversary TV King and Queen Awards".

Popular Asians website reported that the ceremony – that has been postponed to 17 December, will see the three actors among other nominees battling out to win TVB's highest title.

Despite Moses Chan's "Master of Play" drama which suffered mediocre ratings, his commendable portrayal of a serial murderer has been receiving a lot praise and his variety of series aired this year also contributed to his steady popularity.

Meanwhile, although having already won the title last year through his portrayal of Law Ba in "Ghetto Justice", Kevin Cheng is still in the running to win this year's award through his performance in "Gloves Come Off" and "Ghetto Justice 2".

However, the biggest challenger of the year would be Wayne Lai – whose portrayal of Li Lian Ying in "The Confidante" will be prominent and fresh in the viewers' minds when they vote, as the series will only be aired on 14 December – three days before the awards.