Wang Lee-hom meets Zuckerberg's girlfriend

Wang Lee-hom meets Zuckerberg's girlfriend

18 Apr – Superstar Taiwanese singer Wang Lee-hom is believed to have invited Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's Chinese American girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, to his concert at the Bird's Nest in Beijing last Saturday night, according to the May Daily website.

Priscilla Chan expressed that it was her first time at a Chinese concert and although she could not understand most of the lyrics, she definitely felt the vibe and emotions surrounding the concert.

Priscilla also attended the celebration party afterwards and had a chat with the pop singer. The pair, both born in Boston, got acquainted through a common friend.

Lee-hom said he has not met Zuckerberg yet.

Priscilla promised him she would arrange an introduction next time he went to the States.