[W Weekly] Orange Caramel, How Did You Captivate the Audiences?

[by Yoon Jin Park/ translated by Sunghee Park] There are many girl groups that appear and then suddenly disappear.

Some idol groups were fresh, but they weren’t good enough to catch attention from audiences. Some of them appealed their sexiness, but failed to stand out from tone of other girl groups, who all came out in exposing costumes.

While K-pop is emerging as a pop culture leader of Asia, thinking about current K-pop industry makes us feel sort of emptiness,

There is no group that seems like it would still last after 20 years. What would be the reason of this happening? Is it because the new idols are too lazy or it\'s just extremely difficult to capture the hearts of audiences?

In first two months of 2014, there was an intense sexy competition among girl groups. These main competitors included Dal★shabet, Girls Day, AOA, Rainbow Blaxx and Stella. Consequently, unknown girl group Stella was able to let its name known by presenting provocative choreography and shockingly exposed costumes.

For girl groups who are less known by the public, sensual outfits are a great tool to catch the eyes of the audience. However, the interest does not last long. There is definitely a limit.

In this February, 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation appeared to soothe the audiences, who started getting bored with never-ending sexy competition. Girls’ Generation threw away its sexy costumes. Instead, they choose the mannish concept, wearing suits and ties. In succession, 2NE1 made splendid comeback with its own and unique style of performance.

While K-pop industry is suffering from repetition of similar concepts, Orange Caramel rose up with its new album ‘Catallena.’

The album ‘Catallena’ used Pakistan Punjabi’s folk song ‘Jutti Meri,’ creating a playful and cheerful mood. Even though the song itself somehow sounds childish, the lyrics like ‘Juttti Meri Oh Yeah Hoi Hoi,’ are addictive enough to captivate people’s ear.

Interestingly, the concept of Orange Caramel was ‘Sushi.’ By decorating stage like sushi and putting variety of sea foods over their head, Orange caramel rocked the stage with its unprecedented style.

Above all, it is hard to skip each member’s charms. From the base, every members of Orange Caramel has tall height and slim body line. Nana was selected as the second winner of world’s most beautiful facial face contest and Lizzy and Raina have been famous for their unique figures.

Throughout the performance, Orange Caramel makes catharsis for Audiences who were sick of similar sexy concept, choreography and costume. Overall, they succeed in creating a provocative concept that couldn’t be easily found in K-pop industry these days.

This March, Orange Caramel shocked us with its unique appearance. Let’s give a good attention to Orange Caramel members who will always come back to us with irreplaceable existence.(photo by ‘Catallena’ Music Video capture)

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