Vivian Law denies being third party

Vivian Law denies being third party

28 Jan – Model Vivian Law, who has recently been labelled the third party that caused the breakup of Chrissie Chau and Avis Chan's six-year relationship, has decided to step up to dismiss the allegations.

As reported on Asianpopnews, on 24 January, Vivian held a press conference, clarifying that the photo of her and Avis Chan sleeping together that became the cause of controversy was taken when they were drunk and they were not on a bed.

The model revealed, "We were drinking at Lan Kwai Fong that night then we proceeded to Avis' house. I was getting tipsy and slept on the sofa. After that, a friend took the photo and tagged me on the Facebook".

She stressed that they are just friends and that they did nothing that night. She also denied having caused the breakup between the actress and her hairstylist boyfriend, saying, "When they broke up, the tabloids are trying to find a topic to write. My photos are all locked and only friends have access. I guess I have been betrayed by my friends."

When asked if she has contacted Avis after the news broke out, Vivian stated, "I did not contact him after he broke up with Chrissie. I will wait for the matter to fade away first and show my concern later."

As for whether there was any opportunity for her to further her relationship with Avis, Vivian replied, "He is a very nice friend and knows how to take care of others. I can't say about the chances of us going further. It is hard to say what will happen in the future. Let nature takes its own course".