Vivian Lai collapsed at a supermarket

Vivian Lai collapsed at a supermarket

18 Sep - Hong Kong actress Vivian Lai recently confessed that she has no clue as to why she collapsed at the supermarket a few days ago.

According to Tencent Entertainment, back on 14 September, the actress shocked many when she suddenly collapsed and had a convulsion while shopping at a supermarket in Sha Tin, accompanied by her domestic help.

Sources at the location stated that the actress fell to the ground and was foaming at the mouth, and gave no reaction at all when touched.

She was later sent to the hospital for treatment.

When asked to address the reports recently, Vivian admitted that she had fainted while buying groceries.

"I don't know how. I went to the supermarket to buy some things, and while I was looking at some soda cans, suddenly I saw shadows. I thought I had a problem with my eye, so I asked the help if she can also see the shadows. But then everything goes black and I fainted."

Vivian stated that she didn't know what happened next, and she only learned about the convulsion after being told by friends.

The actress admitted that while she has always been suffering from low blood pressure, she has been taking good care of her health.

When asked if it has something to do with her previous pancreatic tumour, Vivian said that the last check-up shows that she is already recovered.

However, the actress didn't forget to thank the emergency staff and the people who assisted her in the time of need, saying, "Thank you for your generous attempt to help me."

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