Vivian Hsu sceptical of Shu Qi's relationship with ex

Vivian Hsu sceptical of Shu Qi's relationship with ex

9 Aug – Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu is sceptical about Shu Qi's relationship with rumoured ex-boyfriend Stephen Fung, despite recent rumours that the two were dating and had broken up recently.

According to Jayne Stars, Hsu did not show any concern about their alleged relationship, and tried to dodge the question so as to not be involved.

"If the rumours are true, I will give them my blessings! But they should not be true," she said when asked to comment her thoughts about her ex-boyfriend dating her friend.

This led to speculations that Hsu may have been jealous about their relationship, but her manager later explained that her response was to indirectly change the topic as she did not want to blow the matter out of proportion.

Shu Qi and Stephen Fung had been widely speculated to be dating, despite the actress' insistence that they were only friends, until she posted a cryptic post on her Weibo that some read to be a break-up message to Fung.

Shu Qi had denied the intended recipient of the post was to Fung and her agency had refused to comment about their relationship.