Vivian Hsu to get married next year

Vivian Hsu to get married next year

6 Nov – Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu is now ready to settle down.

Net Ease website reported that the actress was spotted visiting a Vera Wang bridal boutique in Taipei with her Singaporean boyfriend, Lee Yunfeng (also known as Sean Lee).

When approached by the media, Vivian admitted that they will get married after getting engaged first. However, she was all smiles when asked to give a date, and only replied, "Soon!"

The Taiwanese media reported that Vivian has accepted Sean's proposal despite the fact that he has had a failed marriage before and is a father of two daughters, saying that they have a lot of similarities and that Sean is a "responsible, loving and a very family-oriented person".

It is also rumoured that the two will hold their wedding in the middle of next year and that Vivian will not retire from showbiz after marriage.

The 38-year-old actress met the 36-year-old Chief Executive of Singapore's Marco Polo Marine when the latter invested in her movie, "Sex Agogo". It was also rumoured that Sean's company is estimated to worth over NTD 600 million (approx. USD 20.4 million)

Vivian Hsu's past rumoured relationships include Vanness Wu, Jay Chou, Japanese stars Gackt and Sugizo, Stephen Fung and wealthy businessman, He Xijing.