Vivian Chow changed by marriage

Vivian Chow changed by marriage

4 Sept - Hong Kong celebrity Vivian Chow never expected that marriage would change her to be a more selfless, even though she has always been a very independent woman.

According to Jayne Stars, despite her iconic innocent and feminine looks, husband Joe Nieh was fooled to think that she was a meek person.

"Don't be fooled by that! I am actually a very independent and strong-willed woman. I think it has to do with the fact that I grew up without a male figure in my life. My father passed away before I was born and I was the only child. While my mother was working to provide for us, I had to become independent and learn how to take care of myself. I believe that my husband, Joe Nieh, was also fooled by my innocent looks and thought that I was a frail and weak girl!" Vivian said while promoting her "Journey of Love" in Guangzhou.

Vivian said that she took her wedding vows very seriously and believed that respect was important to maintain a fulfilling marriage.

"Joe and I are both very independent and strong willed. We're used to living our own lives, maintaining our own career and friends. Yet I never imaged that getting married would change us."

"After I got married, we became more considerate of each other and always put the other person first. In my heart, my husband is more important than myself! If he doesn't approve of a proposed job offer, I absolutely will not accept it. Being married makes you selfless because you need to be considerate of your spouse," she said.