[Video] miss A′s Suzy Voted Most Beautiful Star Since Birth

Elizabeth Eun

We all know that miss A’s Suzy is beautiful – fans rhapsody over her clear skin and round eyes, and she hasn’t become the icon of first loves for nothing.

But was the young singer/actress always beautiful?

TvN’s enews took a look into Suzy’s past to make sure and found that…yes, some people are just born beautiful.

Five years ago, when she was just a plain ol’ junior high student in Gwangju, Korea, Suzy was already so pretty, she was often stopped on the streets. Not only did she do some amateur modeling, she admitted she was often ‘hunted’ on the street, with hordes of boys asking her for her number.

Rewind a few more years, and Suzy in elementary school was still pretty – maybe with an unfortunate haircut (no, Suzy, no), but still had her trademark pure skin and cute round eyes.

Guess when you’re that pretty, even a bad haircut doesn’t matter.

Suzy said, “I remember I had a lot of popularity in 4th grade. On Pepero Day [11/11], I received a lot of pepero and I had to walk home like this,” motioning that her arms were filled with the chocolate goodies that indicated affection from the opposite sex (think Valentine’s Day).

Suzy even admitted that she got gifts from the 6th graders – which, come on, is a big deal when you’re only in 4th grade.

The video also showed photos of Suzy dressed as a queen for a play, proving that the young starlet had the star factor even as a kid.

Even her baby photos are cute – so, conclusion? Enews voted Suzy the number one most beautiful star from birth, beating out best friend IU, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Min Jung and Song Hye Gyo!

After receiving her bouquet of flowers, Suzy thanked the team and her fans, saying, “I’ll continue working hard, so please watch over me and continue loving miss A!”

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Reporter : Elizabeth Eun (lizeun@cj.net)
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