Vic Chou and Reen Yu celebrated New Year together

Vic Chou and Reen Yu celebrated New Year together

10 Jan – Despite denying they are in a relationship, actors Vic Chou and Reen Yu were recently caught being intimate and kissing at New Year's Eve.

According to Asianpopnews website, not some time ago, the tabloids published a photo of the rumoured couple at Vic's apartment, hugging and enjoying fireworks from the balcony late at night on 31 December 2012.

The love birds were too immersed that they were oblivious of the friends around them and the paparazzi watching them. Vic was also caught planting a kiss on Reen's ear and hugged her from behind.

Asked if they are tying the knot, Vic's manager replied vaguely, "Please do not think too much", while Reen's manager still deny the romance and replied, "They are only friends".

The couple reportedly started dating three years ago after acting in the 2009 drama "Black & White" and was recently rumoured to be living together.