Vanness Wu: "No sex before marriage"

Vanness Wu: "No sex before marriage"

19 May – Former F4 member Vanness Wu may not be a virgin anymore, but since becoming a Christian, the Taiwanese star is determined to abstain from having sex with his current girlfriend, Arissa Cheo, who is the daughter of a Singaporean business tycoon.

Jayne Stars reports that when Vanness was baptised, he signed a declaration that he will not have sex before marriage. The 34-year-old singer-actor said, "This will be the most precious gift you can give your spouse on your wedding day. My girlfriend and I share the same sentiment."

Meanwhile, Vanness recently showed off his cooking skills by making his ideal cold dessert for summer at an event. His passion for cooking was influenced by his mother, who often cooks good food for him.

According to Vanness, being able to cook well is an attractive virtue to have.

"Knowing how to cook may not be a prerequisite in a relationship, however, whether it's the guy or the girl, knowing how to cook is indeed very appealing."