Ulala Session Tells Psy He Sings Terribly

Lee, InKyung

Did Super Star K 3 winners, Ulala Session embarass Super Star K 4 judge, Psy?

On May 5, Mnet’s Super Star K 4 officially aired its comical commercial, showing Psy as a Super Star K contestant and Ulala Session as the judge. After Psy finished singing, Ulala Session’s Im Yun Taek criticizes, saying, “Your singing was a mess.”

The Super Star K 4 commercial (watch it here! http://youtu.be/QtOecrKva_Q) is a parody of Ulala Session’s mini album teaser, to be released on May 10. In the commercial, Psy appears as a Super Star K contestant, with hilarious captions that read ‘Name: Park Jae Sang, Nickname: President of Sweat, Extra Points: Went to the army twice.’

Psy gives a quite the piano performance, exaggerating all of his movements and actions, while singing a ballad passionately. However, the looks on the judges of Ulala Session are full of dissatisfaction and pain.

As soon as the song is up, the judge, Im Yun Taek yells, “Mr. Park Jae Sang, that was a mess! A complete mess! Go back to the first tryouts and come back here.”

Upon watching the commercial, netizens are all agreeing to its comedy. They commented, “I’m impressed with Psy for taking in the embarassment for Super Star K 4. I’m so excited for what Psy will say when he becomes a judge,” and “The expressions on Ulala Session’s faces were especially funny because they’ve experienced the whole ordeal during Super Star K 3.”

Meanwhile, Super Star K 4 will be holding auditions for over one million contestants who have registered for the contest through ARS (1600-0199), UCC, and Kakaotalk. Super Star K 4 will be continuing the regional preliminaries until July and will be airing its first broadcast on August 17. The last day to register is July 4.

Photo Credit: Mnet

Reporter : Lee, InKyung (judysmall@cj.net)
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