Ulala Session adds a new old member

Ulala Session adds a new old member

30 Jun – It was revealed that Ulala Session will be adding a new member to their four-man band.

According to Ohkpop website, representatives of their agency revealed that a former member, Gun-jo has been added to the quartet.

They stated, "Gun-jo is one of the original members of Ulala Session and has been friends with leader Yun-taek for the past 15 years. With his addition to the team, Ulala Session will be promoting as a five member group."

Ulala Session stated, "This is the real Ulala Session. We will now be able to completely fill the stage."

It was revealed that Gun-jo was unable to join the group in competing to win "Superstar K3" due to personal reasons.

Gun-jo expressed, "I wasn't able to join the group on "Superstar K3" because of personal grounds, but I always tried to help them from outside."

He continued saying, "What I aim for is not impressing people on the outside with our music and stages, but moving their hearts from the inside."

Gun-jo is not new in stage performances. It was also revealed that he once won "Best Show" at the "Battle of the Year" competition in Germany and represented Korea at London's "B-Boy Championships", in which Gun-jo won second place.