Uhm Jung-hwa in for a movie and TV drama

Uhm Jung-hwa in for a movie and TV drama

29 Jun – Rumour has it that actress Uhm Jung-hwa will be making a TV comeback after a three year hiatus with a movie project already in hand.

According to HanCinema website, Uhm Jung-hwa was reported to currently be discussing a role in MBC's new weekend drama, "Give Me Gold". A representative of her agency revealed, "It hasn't been that long since she's received the offer. We'll have to wait and see when we discuss the finer details."

Written by Ha Chung-ok, "Give Me Gold" is a drama that centres heavily on the subject of family. The character that was offered to Uhm is a divorcee named Mong-hee, who dreams of becoming a jewellery designer.

Meanwhile, the actress has also confirmed to play a role in a new movie, "Montage" after the success of her last movie, "Dancing Queen" earlier this year.

In "Montage", Uhm Jung-hwa will be playing a woman in despair after her child was kidnapped in the same method used in a kidnapping that happened 10 years prior.

Her representatives stated, "The movie will begin filming in August or September, and if everything goes well, she might be able to pull off both a movie and a drama."