UEE & Son Dam Bi appear on same magazine covers

Kim Ji-Yi
UEE & Son Dam Bi appear on same magazine covers

Son Dam Bi and UEE both became fashion magazine cover models.

UEE appeared on the cover of July edition of fashion magazine 'CeCi', and in the August edition, Son Dam Bi appeared as the cover model.

UEE and Son Dam Bi appeared in sexy outfits, and drew people's attention with their breathtaking beauty.

The two are the busiest people in the entertainment industry these days, and they both became cover models of the same fashion magazine.

UEE and Son Dam Bi are continuing their careers as both great singers and actresses, and they are growing into bigger and bigger stars day by day.

Netizens who viewed the cover images made comments, such as "They actually look alike", "Same pose", and "Their body shapes are so amazing!"

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