TVB implements proper conduct guidelines

TVB implements proper conduct guidelines

26 May – With the recent scandals involving TVB celebrities turning into ugly headlines, it is no surprise that the Hong Kong television station wants to make sure its artists are cleaning up their act.

According to Jayne Stars, TVB has issued a set of internal guidelines for their artists following the recent scandals that have come to light, such as a TVB actress' rape case and the court hearing for businessman Lau Ding Sing for taking nude photos of several male actors, as they have become an embarrassment for the family-friendly TVB.

The guidelines advised its actors and actresses, especially their younger and inexperienced ones, to refrain from drinking alcohol in public places, maintaining good public conduct and to alert their respective managers if they have been offered to do photoshoots with lucrative benefits.

Previously, TVB executive Viriginia Lok, who had met with the unidentified 23-year-old rape victim in the scandal, also advised the station's female artists to be careful in personal contacts with the opposite gender and to resolve their problems through discussion with their managers, rather than the bottle.

Although not involved in both scandals, TVB actor Oscar Leung is taking the guidelines to heart following his close call with a career-ending controversy, when a rumour had spread that he was involved in a rape case earlier this month.

"Although the rape rumours were false, it made me aware that I should be more careful about my public conduct. My friends may believe me, but other people may have the wrong impression if I behaved improperly," said Leung.

Actress Cilla Lok agreed that prevention was the best safety measure and revealed that she only drinks with family and close friends.

"I will not even meet a man one-on-one, so I will not be drinking [alone with him]!" said Cilla.