TVB calls A-listers to compete with HKTV

TVB calls A-listers to compete with HKTV

9 Feb – TVB has found another brilliant way to compete with rival station, HKTV, which is to call its former star actors to make a drama comeback.

According to Popular Asians, with Charles Chan taking over the reign at TVB, the station now implements new techniques to attract more viewers by tasking Eric Tsang to pull favours from former TVB actors-turned-superstars such as Andy Lau and Chow Yun-fat to participate in the station's new drama projects.

It was revealed that the witty actor has been working on convincing his peers for the past year to return to the station, revealing that TVB gave him the freedom to put any price on negotiations.

It was reported that several A-listers that have already been approached include former TVB star, Chow Yun-fat, who agreed to shoot a drama as long as he was given the choice to pick his script, role and cast. Andy Lau has also reportedly agreed to star in a 40-episode drama but asked to have control over the script.

Heavenly King, Jacky Cheung – who has never filmed a TVB drama before agreed to make an appearance in a TVB drama, but requested only guest or cameo appearance, while Anthony Wong and Tony Leung Ka-fai have expressed interest in returning in a series mainly surrounding on the topics of men.

Meanwhile, actress Carina Lau revealed that she only wanted to star in a maximum of five episodes in any drama and to act alongside Bosco Wong, while Deanie Ip will star in a 40-episode series produced by Wong Jing after the conclusion of her concert in March.

In addition, Eric Tsang is still trying to convince best friends – comedic actress Sandra Ng and Veronica Yip, although the latter recently stated that she will not return for drama series due to its long filming hours.