Top scandals of 2012

Top scandals of 2012

2 Jan – 2012 left a big mark in the entertainment industry, with sex, drugs and relationship scandals plaguing the news portals and magazines everywhere. As reported on Jayne Stars, the first of the top three news that shocked and rocked the industry in 2012 was Taiwanese socialite Justin Lee's drug rape case.

In August, the Taiwanese heir was arrested after a group of women pressed charges against him for drugging and raping them when his sex tapes were made public. Among the 50 women who appeared in the tapes included his girlfriend, Maggie Wu. Although Maggie was one of the few willing ones, the videos showed that some women appeared to be unconscious, drugged, or visibly struggling against Justin's sexual advances.

Meanwhile, Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu's separation after an eight-year relationship shocked fans of both stars in July. Although both actors remained tight-lipped about the breakup, TVB Executive Virginia Lok hinted that Bosco failed to give Myolie a sense of security, which sparked allegations of Bosco having cheated with past co-stars, which included Ada Liu and Toby Leung.

Grabbing the third spot is Kenny Wee's restaurant drug abuse scandal involving several Hong Kong celebrities. The scandal, which was slow at first, blew up when it was reported that celebrities Hilary Tsui, Sam Lee and Josie Ho were among the alleged users. The rumour caused social networking dramas, several lawsuits and even an alleged physical assault, as well as the involvement of other actors such as Eason Chan, Eric Tsang and Oscar Leung.

Meanwhile, other news that made it into the top ten include the Denise Ho - Joey Yung - Wilfred Lau love triangle, Gaile Lok and Leon Lai's divorce, Hong Kong actors' topless photos for gay businessman Lau Ding Sing, the birth of Andy Lau's daughter, Ron Ng and "Miss X" sex scandal, which also led to Ron Ng and Viann Zhang's breakup, and finally, Tavia Yeung and Him Law's "car-shaking" scandal which turned out to be a good publicity for both actors' careers – with Tavia winning TV Queen and Him Law getting more attention for his new movie, "Young And Dangerous: Reloaded".