Top Men's Fashion Tips For A Classic Wardrobe

Sheela Sarvananda
Fashion Season News
Look sharp and suave like Hugh Jackman with these great fashion tips.
Look sharp and suave like Hugh Jackman with these great fashion tips.

The finer things in life have always appealed to the aesthetic sensibilities of Johnny Manglani. The businessman hails from India but has put down roots in countries like the United States, Jamaica, Russia and now Singapore. He is the founder of the Uomo Group, and with a focus on high-end luxury menswear, it’s easy to see he understands beautiful things.

His foray into the Singapore market was a deliberate move and although he first came to the country to explore the possibility of investing in real estate, once he looked into the potential of bringing in luxury menswear lines such as Brioni, Zili and Pal Zileri to Marina Bay Sands (MBS), he decided that this was an opportunity too good to miss. Today, he has a total of four boutiques in The Shoppes at MBS and is going strong.

With the official launches of Santoni and Stefano Ricci just past, there is no doubt the Uomo Group is here to stay. The prolific businessman brought in the Italian principals for the launches, to cater to clients in Asia. The red carpet was rolled out and no expense was spared as both labels brought along master tailors as well, in order to create a bespoke, artisanal experience for supporters here. Now he’s also offering clients his own limited edition label: Uomo Collezioni.

Manglani, together with Giuseppe Santoni, CEO of Santoni and Manglani’s partner, along with Stefano Ricci Master Tailor Sao, offer tips for dressing well into the coming season:

1) To Manglani, dressing well means dressing for the occasion. Tailor your outfit to suit the event and most importantly, be comfortable. He also advises being up-to-date – emphasizing that this is not necessarily the same thing as blindly following trends.

“You must be current in your fashion sense because after all, people judge our appearance by the way we are dressed, rather than how we are not dressed. I’m in the fashion business so of course, I would advise people to dress well. If you have it, flaunt it!”

2) Giuseppe Santoni says striving for an overall look of elegance is always a good benchmark. Accessories tend to take a backseat to clothes, but he says this is a mistake.

“Accessories are a very big element in terms of a man’s elegance. This is because you can be dressed very casually, but if you have very nice shoes, a nice belt and a good watch, it makes you look very sophisticated as well – even if you wear jeans. So, it’s not just the clothes. The accessories, for both men and women, do make a difference.”

3) Dressing for your environment is also key. Santoni observes that the way people dress in Asia for business has traditionally been more formal than in Europe. However, he says that is changing now, and this is more suitable to the tropical climate of a country like Singapore.

“Generally in Asia, people dress very formally for business. This is different than in Europe, where people tend to be a little bit more casual. But I can see that in Singapore, for example, the people are less formal now. They don’t use a suit anymore; they use jackets and pants instead.”

4) Master Tailor Sao says having a natural shape, softness and wearability are all key facets of dressing well and that you will never go wrong in staying with the classics as a staple of your wardrobe.

“I suggest suits with an elegant cut in a pinstripe or solid navy, coordinated with white shirts or classic striped fabrics. For day, I propose suitable suits or sport jackets that can match colored striped shirts. Night time calls for darker and more sophisticated suits, while luxe materials like cashmere and silk can add class to any outfit. Men should always possess refined and sophisticated accessories such as cufflinks and most importantly, a good tie.”

5) The devil is also in the details though, and this can make or break any look you are going for. Sao advises changing it up on this front, to add a little verve to your overall outfit.

“In search for the perfect tie for an outfit, one should first make it fits with the color of the shirt, but any small and eccentric colored detail can make the difference. What’s important though is that the colors reflect a man’s classiness.”

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