Tony Leung's psychological challenge

Tony Leung's psychological challenge

7 Jan - 7-time Hong Kong Film Awards winner Tony Leung Chiu Wai admitted recently that he has been feeling lots of pressure in both his personal life and acting career, according to a report on

According to the star, the burden an actor has while acting in a movie is much lighter than the burden he carries in his own personal life.

"In recent years, I have been thinking about the meaning of making a movie and a movie is supposed to entertain the audience, regardless of a comedy or a sad story. But sometimes, we as filmmakers, have put too many depressing stories onto the silver screen. Now I don't want to bring so much sadness into my character and movies. To me, life is much more depressing than a sad film," said Leung.

The "Happy Together" actor is playing a comedic role for the first time since 2004 in the upcoming blockbuster, "The Great Magician", alongside another top notch actor, Sean Lau Ching Wan.

"We talk about fate when it comes to acting and making a movie. Actually, I am looking for more relaxing pieces this year. Maybe it's because I'm aging, I hope I can be happy every single day. I've learned to look at things in life from humorous angle and thus I would like to bring more happiness to the audience, too. Unfortunately, I can't find a proper script."

Regarding his private life, Leung said that he does not have many friends and it is not his habit to socialise with the people in the entertainment industry. "I prefer not to talk about movie related issues whenever I am not shooting a film. I just want to be myself. I love to ski and play ping pong during my free time. I just don't want to touch anything on movies when I'm away from the limelight."

Catch Leung's performance in "The Great Magician" in Malaysian and Singaporean cinemas on 12 January 2012.