Tony An Reveals that His Father Lost His H.O.T. Money in Stocks

Choi, EunHwa

Tony An revealed a time of hardship when his father lost money through stocks.

On an upcoming episode of tvN’s Big Money, Tony An told the heartbreaking story about stocks to Park Myung Soo, Yang Se Hyung, Shin Bong Sun, and Kim Bo Sung.

Tony An said, “The enormous amount of money I earned, performing in H.O.T. for five years, was lost through my father’s stocks. I lost about 90 percent of the profits.”

He added, “After seeing all the money I gradually saved up disappear into thin air so easily, I cursed stock investments and promised myself to never get into it. But around three years ago, I was persuaded by a friend to invest a small amount, and from that I actually benefited. Since then, I’ve been participating in stocks.”

On this, Yang Se Hyung said, “Tony An was my successor in the army, and when he told me to invest, I ended up losing everything. He said he would give me the original amount, but instead he gave me a bag,” causing laughter in the studio.

The mission for the first episode, airing on May 6, is to earn the most profit after twenty rounds of buying and selling with the starting sum of 20,000,000 won. The star with the most earnings will receive the grand prize.

Meanwhile, tvN’s Big Money is a program where five celebrities will actually individually invest 100,000,000 won into stocks. For six weeks, there will be a stocks-related mission each episode. After six weeks, the star who earned the most money, will not only receive the original sum, but also the earnings of the other celebrities. The first episode of Big Money will air on May 6.

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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