Timmy Hung wants to be a better parent

Timmy Hung wants to be a better parent

29 Jan – TVB actress Janet Chow's wish to give birth to a Dragon Baby will be fulfilled, as she is scheduled for operation this week - the last week of the 2012 Dragon Year in the Lunar calendar.

As reported on Jayne Stars website, the former Miss Hong Kong contestant will be going to the hospital in a week time for her Caesarean operation to welcome her son, Hung Dai Yan.

Husband, actor Timmy Hung is reported to have already taken time off his work to be by her side. However, Timmy will then rush back to China for another two months to resume filming after the baby's birth.

Speaking to the media, Timmy expressed his desire to be a more participative father, seeing that he himself spent most of his own childhood in filming studios where his father Sammo Hung works rather than a normal life.

The actor said, "I grew up in the filming studio because that was where my father worked. But I don't want my son to grow up this way."

Timmy also revealed that he plans to educate his children outside the country, saying, "The education system in Hong Kong is difficult. We have to find school for children even before they were born."