The ‘Problematic Men’ Have A Mental Breakdown

[by Sora Ghim] Waiting its premiere on February 26, new tvN talk show ‘Problematic Men’ released a preview of the six members.

Boasting a high IQ and unique way of thinking, the six intelligent men can be seen in the previews, breaking down. In order to solve a difficult problem, the claim it is too much, bringing attention.

Jun Hyun Moo, Ha Suk Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Tyler Rasch, Lee Jang Won, and Rap Monster can be seen having difficulty with the question asked. Jun Hyun Moo is seen saying, “How can we know this?” while Lee Jang Won covers his mouth with the caption, “I want to go home.”

In particular, good looking engineering major Ha Suk Jin couldn’t understand the question at all, looking as if his soul left his body. His blank stare brought laughter to the set.

Meanwhile, ‘Problematic Men’ will start airing on February 26. (photo by ‘Problematic Men’ Preview, tvN)

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