The Plastic Surgery Wave And The Number One ‘K-Beauty’ Trends

[by Song Eun Ji] Due to celebrities that are receiving love from foreign countries such as the cast of the SBS drama ‘My Love From The Star’, Psy with his ‘Hangover’ music video featuring Snoop Dogg, and the baseball pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin, ‘K-Beauty’ has been receiving a lot of attention as well.

Medical professionals worldwide have already acknowledged Korea’s surgical skills and have especially recognized Korea for its place in the plastic surgery field. It has become common to see many VVIPs such as foreign medical teams, government officials and celebrities to visit Korea in order to receive the benefits of or learn more about the developed technology and skills of plastic surgery here.

In the ‘Bio & Medical Korea 2014’ event held on May 28th in Ilsan, JK Plastic Surgery Center received the award for Best Medical Institution for International Patients. As a leading hospital in representing Korea’s medical industry, it has introduced the newly developed technology, medical facilities, and customer centered services to important figures such as the First Lady of Kyrgyzstan, the president Professor Marita of the IPRAS (International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) founded in 1995, and Patrick Byme of the plastic surgery center at Johns Hopkins University and has been spreading the word about Korea’s advanced plastic surgery industry.

In addition, television stations such as America’s ABC, CNN, and AFP along with those from the Middle East, France, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Mongol are consistently visiting the hospital to get coverage on the facility and its technology. In the ‘Bio & Medical Korea 2014’ many VIP guests from foreign countries visited JK\'s booth.

JK Plastic Surgery which has succeeded in becoming one of Korea’s best hospitals by providing high quality facilities for each of its departments such as the center for plastic surgery, hair center, esthetic center, and wellness center, has created specific counseling rooms for each division and is providing a service in which the medical teams reach out to the patients. They are providing a luxurious service in which private counseling rooms, waiting rooms, patient rooms, and meeting rooms are provided for VVIP patients. In addition 13 professional plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists are providing the country’s best medical service through an organized and advanced system.

They are especially progressing and developing the quality of their service by providing a ‘Premium One Stop Service’ system that works to aid the international patients that are increasing annually.

By strengthening the ICS, or the International Customer Service Team, patients that are from foreign countries such as China, Japan, Russia, and Vietnam are assisted by a native coordinator not only with translations but also with their consultations, surgery, treatment after recovery, returning to their country after discharge, and even online care.

They have also made it possible for surgical patients to stay in patient rooms that are of hotel quality in which nurses and medical teams check their patients and treat them after surgery all day, providing a safe environment for hospitalized patients. In addition, services for international patients have improved as well through the providing of room service, availability of food from various countries and the continuous work to improve dietary meals that would be composed of all the nutrients that a patient would need.

In order to provide a safe surgery, surgical testing is done before the procedure and a Day Surgery Center and air shower, surgery room, Air Vacuum Clean Mat to clean out micro dust is provided along with a CPR Team, emergency kit, UPS (uninterrupted power supply) equipment, CMS center monitoring system, and a system of connection with college hospitals is presented to have a Perfect Safety System running at all times.

On the other hand JK Plastic Surgery Center, which is keeping its record of 0% medical malpractice rates and being the top 1% plastic surgery center to have safety equipment in Gangnam, has won many awards such as being acknowledged as the ‘No. 0001 Medical Institution for Foreign Patients\' in 2009, received prime minister citations for three consecutive years starting from 2011 for attracting foreign patients, as well as awards from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. There are offices or centers located in America, China, Vietnam and Malaysia and in areas such as the Middle East, Russia/CIS, China, America and Japan, it is expanding its influence into the global network chain to create a global plastic surgery center. (photo by: JK Plastic Surgery Center)

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