'The Joseon Gunman' growing largely popular in China

'The Joseon Gunman' growing largely popular in China

'The Joseon Gunman' is growing largely popular in China as well.

Recently, channel KBS 2TV's drama, 'The Joseon Gunman,' debuted #1 on the Korean Drama Chart of China's 'QQ.com.'

'The Joseon Gunman' debuted #1 on QQ's daily charts and weekly charts, and the total number of views surpassed 110 million just in the month of July.

In addition, the drama is also getting high evaluations on another Chinese website called 'douban.com,' which is one of the most popular and influential online music & video review websites of China.

'The Joseon Gunman' captivated many drama fans in China with spectacle action scenes, and suspense plot developments.

Lee Jun Gi currently holds 14 million Weibo followers, and it is said that Lee Jun Gi's fans are widely participating in the drama's promotion by themselves as well.

On Gaon-Weibo Chart, which is one of the most representative Korean Wave charts of China, Lee Jun Gi is the only actors who is ranking within top 10, and the rest are idol singers.

Producer Yoon Jae Hyuk of 'The Joseon Gunman' said, "While the story was focusing on Park Yoon Gang(Lee Jun Gi)'s revenge, future episodes will show how Park Yoon Gang becomes the hero of everyone."

Meanwhile, 'The Joseon Gunman' airs on every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM.

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