The Food Surprise

KF Seetoh @ Makansutra

First he said “ok”, then “no”, then “ok but don’t speak to or film me” but 5 seconds later, it was an “I think better not, you did not ask and I don’t know who you are.” And in his kingdom and space, that was 4 “Nos”. So I had to shove myself out of this very popular Hainanese style café in Malaysia.  Then there was 3 Michelin star Italian chef’s outlet we crashed into and was nicely and professionally eased into a nice meal, well facilitated and serviced, until a call came in from the top minders who were watching the security cameras. I dapau the stuff and was outta there in a jiffy.

That’s just some of the nicer parts I experienced when we filmed our new Makansutra Food Surprise TV show airing on TLC (StarHub Channel 427) in the first week of May on the 7th at 10.30pm. We decided this time, we will indeed show all the unrehearsed, unprepared and unscripted colours of any person or thing that we came across in the course of shooting this totally unannounced and in your face food show. We would just decide on a whim, after getting some research information and show up at the eateries and restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia. It would be just like you going to makan on a whim, just that we show up with an entire crew. Some of the stunners that blew me over was the awesome street cha kway teow man in Malaysia, hunching over his wok and raking charcoal on the floor. I never had it so good there. There’s also the friendly white coffee “war” in Ipoh where I was given the once over and a run around before I could sip two of the best SE Asian coffee there. We unearthed the new craze and the fierce competition between warriors of the silk bean curd. It began with 3 operators, now there are about 7 at the hawker centre…and counting.

Let us have your thoughts and ideas on how best I can do a second season on this, however kind, creative or loud you wanna be.

Check out the trailer for Makansutra Food Surprise TV show airing on TLC (Starhub Channel 427) which debuts on 7th May at 10.30pm.