Teardrop Shape Breast Surgery VS Harvest Jet Breast Surgery, Which Surgery Is For Me?

[by Yoo Jung] Female breasts are a symbol of maternity, beauty, and health. Due to the fact that the preference of the shape or size of a breast is personal, if you or your partner is satisfied, the size is an unimportant factor. However, females with severely small breasts may have thought about breast surgery.

Recently, as breast surgery has become advertised, over 3 million cases of procedures are being dealt with. It’s possible for a woman with severely small breasts to have once thought about undergoing breast surgery. The reason for this increase in breast surgery cases is because the female breast symbolizes sexiness and health.

The majority of all recent breast surgery procedures are definitely the teardrop breast surgery. The teardrop shaped prosthesis takes the shape of a woman’s natural breast and has the benefit of looking natural.

In addition, there is a small amount of space between the prosthesis and the tissues inside the breast, therefore there are less side effects such as capsular contracture or position changing than there are for circular prosthesis. Another advantage of the teardrop prosthesis is that it is able to withstand strong pressure so there is no need to worry about leaking.

However, there are many women who fear implanting prosthesis inside their breasts or fear the side effects that may occur after the procedure. For women like these, the Harvest Jet breast surgery was introduced.

The Harvest Jet fat transplantation is a surgery in which one’s own fat is inserted into her breast to face the two benefits of toning the body while enlarging the breast. Women who fear prosthesis or have excessive fat in one part of their body can undergo a natural breast enlargement by removing fat from a different area to create a natural breast while also toning 

the body.

The fat that used for a normal autologous breast fat graft surgery had the flaw that it contained a lot of oil build-up due to the damaged fat and its engraftment rate was low. However, the fat used during the Harvest Jet surgery is fixed at 0.5mm and is fresh, allowing the percentage of engraftment to increase. In addition, by sucking all unnecessary fat in the abdomen or thighs through the Harvest Jet and refining it to implant into the breast, the procedure allows fat to be removed from bigger body parts and enlarges the breast allowing for two benefits.

The Chief Director of Start Plastic Surgery Clinic stated that ‘the biggest benefit of the teardrop breast surgery is that the shape and size of the prosthesis is customized for the body type of the patient, allowing a natural and beautiful shape that is appropriate for the patient. It can be said to be one of the safest breast surgery methods created so far.”

Chief Director Kang also explained that “for females who do dislike prosthesis or want to remove the excessive fat in a specific body part to create a toned body while naturally enlarging the breast, the Harvest Jet fat graft is a way in which their breasts can be remodeled. (photo by bntnews DB)

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