Teacher Hui Pui's last farewell

Teacher Hui Pui's last farewell

3 Apr – Nearly two weeks after it was reported that Teacher Hui Pui passed away, a funeral finally took place for the TVB icon.

TVB News World website reported that on 1 April, many of her former students came to the service, including Adam Cheng, Paula Tsui, Rebecca Pan, Deborah Li, Patrick Tse, Ivy Ling and Chan Suk Fun.

Despite not being able to attend, Connie Chan, Liza Wang, Law Kar Ying, Damien Lau and Michelle Yim all sent floral arrangements.

Actress Helen Ma, who also helped with the service, revealed that Teacher Hui Pui had no religious belief and thus the funeral had no religious ceremony.

Meanwhile, Teacher Hui Pui's daughter disclosed that her remains will be transported to Canada and buried n Forest Lawn Memorial Park with her husband and her good friend, Lydia Shum.

She was 90.