Suzy claims herself as a 'one way love mania'

Kim Ji-Yi
STAR N News23 August 2012
Suzy claims herself as a 'one way love mania'

Miss-A's Suzy claimed herself as a 'one way love mania'.

An interview of Suzy was included in the September edition of '@Star1' magazine.

Recently, Suzy casted in drama 'Big' as Jang Marie, who devotes her life for her love. However, she told about her character, "I would never become like that."

She continued, "I don't usually get attached to someone that much, and I'm not that simple. I don't even know how to express my feelings to someone I like. That's why I call myself a 'one way love mania'."

However, Suzy said that she could experience something different, and that she enjoyed the drama very much.

On the other hand, the full interview includes Suzy's feelings for various rumors, her life as both a singer and an actress, and hidden episodes of 'Big'.

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