‘Superstar K4’s’ 2 Million Applicants Put Lee Seung Chul and Psy in Trouble

Lee, JinHo
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The number of applicants for Mnet’s Superstar K4 has hit a record high. Lee Seung Chul and Psy, who had promised they would climb a mountain with no shirt if the show gathered more than 2 million applicants, will have to carry out their promise.

A rep from Mnet said on August 5, “The total number of applicants for Superstar K4 was officially announced to be 2,083,447 people.”

This surpasses the record set by Superstar K3, at 1,967,267.

Superstar K4 first started off on its journey on March 8 by receiving applications. It gathered 1 million applicants in 61 days, 1.5 million in 70 and on June 21 it became the first audition program to hit 2 million.

The show’s success will have the viewers looking forward to more than the show itself. At the press conference for Superstar K4 held in March, Lee Seung Chul and Psy have said, “If the number of applicants passes 2 million, the two of us will get together during the first episode of Superstar K and climb Cheonggyesan in short pants and with no shirt.”

The successes of such issue-making contestants as Huh Gak, John Park, Ulala Session and Busker Busker are evaluated to be the reason Superstar K4 gathered so many aspiring singers this year.

The numbers were also affected by the introduction of a new variety of ways to participate. Last year, participants could only turn in their applications through phone or online video, but this year they could apply through Kakao Talk or karaokes.

The rep from Mnet said, “A lot of the participants used Kakao Talk or decided to apply while singing at a karaoke.”

Another effective method was increasing the number of preliminary regions. The original eight Korean cities and America’s L.A. and New York were joined by another overseas audition in Sydney, Australia, and with the army’s cooperation, preliminaries were even held in army camps across the nation.

Producer Kim Tae Eun of Superstar K4 said, “Superstar K has always been said to be the audition closest to the applicants’ dreams. Based on a wider range of participants, we’ll again dig out this year a star that will surprise the world.”

The first episode of Superstar K4 will air on August 17.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min, CJ E&M

Reporter : Lee, JinHo (zhenhao@cj.net)
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