Superhero Showdown: Round #2 - Captain America vs Superman

Maui V. Reyes
Yahoo! Special Projects

We know we promised some a standoff with superheroes who used their powers of the mind for Round 2, but with The Avengers on the brain, we decided to bump up...

Round #2: Superman vs Captain America!

Some say patriotism makes you a hero. So it makes sense that those who don the colors of their country’s flag while beating the crap out of the bad guys makes them super heroes—never mind if one of them is an illegal alien (raised in the south, no less.)


Real Name: Kal-el, Clark Kent
Occupation: Journalist
Background: When the planet Krypton was about to go kaput, Jor-el sent his son Kal-el to Earth in order to save him. The infant was taken in by a Kansas farmer, and, together with his wife, was raised as Clark Kent. His powers begin to manifest at a young age, and got stronger over time. As a teen in Smallville, Kansas, Kent donned a makeshift superhero “suit” to stay incognito as he fights off evil. As an adult, he moves to the Metropolis where he gets a job at the Daily Planet, and eventually falls in love with Ms. Lois Lane.
Powers: Kal-el’s tissues are denser and more resilient than humans, and uses solar energy to “charge” his powers. He’s super strong (can lift 1,000,000 lbs), seemingly indestructible (he’s taken a nuclear blast and has flown into the sun, emerging uharmed), and has impeccable stamina. He can also fly, see through things (except lead), has super senses (heightened sense of hearing, smell), and has the uncanny ability to “disguise” himself with a pair of wimpy glasses. He is, however, weak against Kryptonite—fragments of his former home—and can’t function for long if not exposed to solar energy.

Captain America

Real Name: Steve Rogers
Occupation: U.S. Army soldier
Background: A Fine Arts student who wanted to enlist in the Army, Rogers was turned down multiple times because of his less than stellar physique. Fortunately, his willpower, determination, and firm loyalty to his country led him to being picked as a test subject for “Operation: Rebirth”, a US Army experiment to create the ultimate super soldier. Rogers was the only one to receive the perfected top-secret serum (a Nazi spy killed the scientist who created it before the serum could be replicated), and was thus transformed into Captain America.
Powers: Captain America is the epitome of “maximum human efficiency”. Which means that he has peak human speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability. He is also a master at martial arts and shield fighting, after being gifted by President Roosevelt with an indestructible but incredibly light shield made with iron, vibranium, and an unknown catalyst.

And the winner is: Superman would win this round, hands-down. While the Cap has his own powers, they aren’t exactly “super”: he’s so much better than most humans simply because he represents the peak of human potential. Superman, on the other hand, is equipped with otherworldly strengths. We’d still like to think that Rogers’ strong willpower might give him an edge over The Man of Steel. Maybe if he locked Superman in a lead chamber, away from the sun, and littered it with Kryptonite?

Next round (really): A ring-bearer goes head-to-head with a mind-bender 

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