Super Junior Donghae Felt Betrayed After Learning about Son Eun Seo’s Relationship

Grace Danbi Hong

Super Junior′s Donghae and Son Eun Seo were once ’dating,’ so imagine the betrayal Donghae felt when he found out she was dating someone else.

On July 18, Donghae and the cast of Channel A’s Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine held a press conference in Paju, Gyeonggi, where he talked about his feelings when he found out about Son Eun Seo dating actor Choi Jin Hyuk.

Donghae and and Son Eun Seo were paired up momentarily on MBC’s We Got Married, where they first started off awkward but then hit it off well.

Then news broke that Son Eun Seo was dating Choi Jin Hyuk, who also happened to be starring in Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine with Donghae.

When asked about how he felt, Donghae replied, “After seeing the news articles, I felt betrayal, but I thought the two matched each other well, so I gave them my blessings.”

“Son Eun Seo told me that she never thought of Donghae as a man,” added Choi Jin Hyuk, “I thought she would be surprised when I told her that Donghae and I would be in the same drama together, but she didn’t show any response.”

Choi Jin Hyuk also said that he felt a bit uncomfortable watching Donghae and Son Eun Seo together on We Got Married.

“If it was anyone else, I would have been very irritated, but because I’m pretty close with Donghae, I was very understanding since it was for broadcast,” said Choi Jin Hyuk.

Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine is a story about a prickly patissier (Donghae) who falls in love with an easy-going and mild-mannered cake shop owner (Yoon Seung Ah). The drama will air on August 18 on Channel A.

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan, Hea Jung Min

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