Sung Si Kyung speaks for BoA

Kim Ji-Yi
Sung Si Kyung speaks for BoA

Sung Si Kyung spoke for BoA.

On 3rd, Sung Si Kyung expressed his thoughts about people's criticism for BoA's lip-synch performance during his radio show.

Sung Si Kyung said, "People criticize BoA for lip-synching, but BoA is not a robot."

On July 29th, BoA appeared on SBS 'Music Trend' and made a lip synch performance. However, as people started criticizing her for lip synching, she said, "It's impossible to sing the song live with that dance. This album will be more focused on performance."

Sung Si Kyung also supported BoA, and he said, "She could do lip synching to show all of her dance," and "Everybody knows BoA is a great vocalist, and people are expecting too much from her."

He added, "BoA should be ranked 1st at least once, but Psy is doing too well," and made listeners laugh.

On the other hand, BoA is recently continuing active promotion of 'Only One'.

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