Stephen Baldwin arrested

Cover Media24 August 2012
Stephen Baldwin arrested
Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin was arrested in New York City Thursday.

According to TMZ the actor and brother of Alec Baldwin was pulled over yesterday evening around 5PM in Harlem after making an illegal U-turn.

As part of normal procedure Stephen was asked by police officers for his identification. Authorities discovered that the star was driving on a suspended licence.

Stephen was taken to jail immediately thereafter and booked for an aggravated unlicenced operator offence.

He will be arraigned in court for the violation in October.

In June Stephen lost a legal case he filed against Kevin Costner.

Stephen claimed that The Bodyguard star defrauded him out of millions of dollars.

The actor first filed suit against Kevin back in 2010, claiming the Hollywood star fraudulently advised him into selling shares in a company that builds machines to clean up oil spills.

Kevin was the victor in the case after the jury deliberated for less than two hours with a verdict in his favour.

Kevin’s company apparently made $52 million from the deal with BP and Stephen wanted to be compensated to the tune of $21 million.

Stephen will not receive any money in relation to the dispute.

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