Stefanie Sun shares motherhood experience

Stefanie Sun shares motherhood experience

13 Nov – Singaporean darling, Stefanie Sun, recently shared her experience in giving birth to her first baby boy.

As reported on Groove Asia, the singer, who shared her recent condition through her spokesperson, stated, "Childbirth was an agonising and miserable experience, especially when it was made worse by a tailbone injury I previously sustained."

The singer revealed that she chose to deliver her son via natural birth and was in labour for more than 20 hours. Stefanie stated that she panicked when her son did not share the same reaction with most babies like what she read in books during her pregnancy.

The 34-year-old singer-songwriter also revealed that she is undergoing her confinement period the traditional way, and would dab rice wine over her finger joints each time her hands got into contact with water.

She explained, "This method is to prevent De Quervain syndrome which is a common injury among mothers due to the repeated action of cradling the baby."

Stefanie added that her mother also would prepare stewed chicken soup for her and intends to give out red eggs and cakes to commemorate her grandson's one-month-old birthday at the end of November.

Stefanie Sun and her husband, Nadim Van Der Ros, welcomed their first baby boy on 31 October.

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