Stefanie Sun posts first photo of baby

Stefanie Sun posts first photo of baby

11 Nov – New mum Stefanie Sun recently shared a picture of her newborn son, or more correctly, a picture of his hand.

Groove Asia reported that on 8 November, the singer, who has been keeping mum since the birth of her first baby boy on 30 October, updated her micro-blog and shared the photo of her baby's hand, saying, "Ten fingers, ten toes. You have arrived, dear son."

The singer has been busy tending to her baby's need, stating, "My hands are full as a first time mother, but I am very contented seeing him growing healthily every day."

The singer also revealed that she has no idea who the baby resembles. 34-year-old Sun stated, "He has my temper but Nadim's thick black hair."

The singer is reportedly confined at her mother's house for a month and plans to breastfeed her son.