SPICA's 'You Don't Love Me' continuously growing popular

Kim Dong-Joo
SPICA's 'You Don't Love Me' continuously growing popular

SPICA’s ‘You Don’t Love Me’ is getting great reactions from the public.

SPICA’s ‘You Don’t Love Me’ was officially released on January 27th, but the teaser video, which was released prior to the song, still got 5 million views so far, and the full music video is about to get 1 million views.

SPICA’s ‘You Don’t Love Me’ is a song that was motivated from African American Soul music of 1960~70s, and it features catchy lyrics and blazing brass section sounds.

While preparing their new album, they had to edit the lyrics because of controversial phrases, and their new songs somehow got leaked as well.

However, such accidents rather proved people’s interest in SPICA's comeback, and many people are looking forward to see their future promotion.

Meanwhile, SPICA had their comeback performance during last week’s music shows.

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