Spencer Leung rather beg than work with Stephen Chow again

24 Sep – Hong Kong actor Spencer Leung would rather beg than appear in another movie by Stephen Chow when he recalled a bad experience he had when working as a bit player with the renowned comedian.

According to Groove Asia, Spencer revealed that he was being made a fool and disrespected by Stephen when he was playing as a small part on the set of "From Beijing with Love", and would not have been able to tell the story if the co-director Lee Lik Chi had not apologised to him two years ago.

After knowing Stephen when they worked together in the drama series "Behind Silk Curtains" in 1988, Stephen had asked Spencer to appear in his James Bond spoof comedy "From Beijing with Love".

Upon arriving on set, Spencer, who thought he had a good relationship with Stephen, called him by his nickname but was ignored, unless he called him director.

Later for the scene where Spencer appeared as a man about to be executed, Stephen asked him to cry as though his father had died.