Son Ye Jin wishes good luck to Jung Woo Sung for the new film that he is producing [Interview]

Son Ye Jin wishes good luck to Jung Woo Sung for the new film that he is producing [Interview]

Son Ye Jin wished good luck to Jung Woo Sung for the new film that he is producing.

During an interview that she recently had with StarN, actress Son Ye Jin chose 'A Moment To Remember' as the film that became the biggest turning point of her career.

Earlier, actor Jung Woo Sung had told that movies 'Beat' and 'A Moment To Remember' were the two most significant films of his career during press conference for movie 'A Divine Move.'

Son Ye Jin had casted in 'A Moment To Remember' as Jung Woo Sung's partner, and she said, "Many seniors showed particularly great supports for 'Classic,' and 'A Moment To Remember' was a film that appealed to much younger generations. It still remains one of the most significant films to me."

She went on, "I learned many valuable lessons through drama 'Age of Romance,' and I showed a completely different side of me through movie 'The Art of Seduction.'"

Regarding 'A Moment To Remember,' Son Ye Jin said, "I actually feared nothing back then. Jung Woo Sung is a big senior to me, and he could have given me lots of advices. However, he did not say anything else, but compliments. I could actually feel sense of freedom while acting for the first time."

She went on, "I don't think I would have focused as well if it was not for Jung Woo Sung. I sat down and cried for a long time after finishing my last shooting, and Jung Woo Sung gave me a warm hug."

Jung Woo Sung recently announced that he is going to produce a new romance film, and she said, "I hope the new film would go great."

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin recently casted in a new film called 'The Pirates,' which will be officially released on August 6th.

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