Son Ho Jun Shows His Great Sense And Wit

[by Sora Ghim] In JTBC ‘Off to School,’ transfer student Son Ho Jun showed his incredible sense in overcoming matters at Goyang Global High School.

During filming, Son Ho Jun’s first class was Japanese which was taught in the language. Thanks to the teacher who kept on calling on Son Ho Jun, in just an hour since starting school, Son Ho Jun had a hard time. However, Kangnam is in the same class and helped Son Ho Jun to adapt. Son Ho Jung quickly showed his wit to the teacher’s question, bringing laughter.

When asked, “Between a dog and cat, which animal is cuter?” Son Ho Jun responded, “Sensei (teacher) is cuter,” showing his incredible wit and making the atmosphere amiable.

It was the same during English class. Taught in English, Son Ho Jun was given a flood of questions as he looked on with a blank face. In this difficult situation, Son Ho Jun, with the help of the students, perfected, ‘Konglish,’ overcoming this obstacle.

Meanwhile, to see manner man Son Ho Jun’s witty sense, this episode will air on June 9 at 11 PM KST. (photo by JTBC)

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