SNSD’s Seohyun Talks Living an Upright Life and Venturing into Acting in ‘1st Look’

Nancy Lee

“I am. I am both Seo Joo Hyun and Seo Hyun. Because there can be no Seohyun without Seo Joo Hyun,” said Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Seohyun.

Seohyun, who is currently promoting as one-third of SNSD unit group Taetiseo, was one of four SM Entertainment artists featured in the latest issue of 1st Look magazine, where she talked about her model citizen image and breaking into acting.

“I think the Seohyun on stage and the Seo Joo Hyun in everyday life are very different,” said Seohyun.

When the SNSD member isn’t traveling the world, gracing world famous stages like New York City’s Madison Square Garden, she’s a normal a college student, who always wears her seatbelt in the car and boasts high marks in her classes.

The singer opened up about her good girl image, and rather than break under the pressure, she appears to be handling it gracefully.

“I keep a tight leash on myself to not trouble the upright life image [I have],” said Seohyun. “I don’t want to disappoint [people]. The people’s gaze has been a good driving force in my life.”

Seohyun also revealed that her confidence in the spotlight comes from years of preparation and hard work. .

“Because standing on stage is nerve-wracking and anything can happen, it’s important to be perfectly prepared and to have confidence with that foundation."

Although Seohyun said she chose to become a singer because she wanted to communicate with people through music, the girl group member revealed that she would like to try her hand at acting—even action acting—one day.

“I chose Theater as my major in order to learn acting step by step from the theory [level]. You only live one life and you can only live as yourself. I think I will learn a lot about myself through living another’s life.”

The complete interview featuring Seohyun can be found in the latest issue of 1st Look.

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