Is Shawn Yue dating Kary Ng?

20 Feb – A picture of Shawn Yue holding hands with pop rock singer, Kary Ng has surfaced, sparking rumours of the two dating.

As reported on Asianpopnews website, the picture in question was taken on the street of Stanley, Hong Kong and shows the "Hidden Track" actor walking hand in hand with the singer.

It was believed that Shawn was bringing Kary to view a new property that he intends to buy.

In addition, the actor was also seen with Kary at the London Heathrow Airport. According to a netizen, Shawn declined taking pictures with his fans when approached, unlike Kary who was more gracious and accepting.

It was alleged that the couple were on their romantic vacation in London at the time.

Kary, a pop rock singer and a former member of popular girl band, Cookies had just broken up with her tennis player boyfriend, Brian Lap and has been romantically linked to Shawn Yu ever since he directed the music video for her song, "Ren Fei Cao Mu" in October last year.

Meanwhile, both Kary and Shawn's management companies declined to respond on the couple's dating news. When asked about the London holiday, both agencies stated that they did not know their whereabouts.