Sharapova goes Gangnam Style~

Kim Ji-Yi
STAR N News11 October 2012
Sharapova goes Gangnam Style~

Maria Sharapova's 'Gangnam Style' video is becoming a hot issue.

On 8th, Maria Sharapova's 'Gangnam Style' parody video was uploaded on YouTube.

In the video, Sharapova and other tennis players dancing along 'Gangnam Style' at various places, such as tennis courts, and hotels.

Especially, a number of scenes in China also appear, and it is drawing many netizens' attention.

Netizens who saw the video made comments, such as "Where would be the end of 'Gangnam Style'?", "Now, Sharapova is up for 'Gangnam Style'", and "I think foreigners like it more than Koreans."

On the other hand, Novak Djokovic, who recently won in China Open, showed 'Gangnam Style' horse dance in front of the crowds.

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