Sarah Lian on ‘Cybergeddon’: ‘I like how they altered my looks!’

Nicholas C.
Yahoo Newsroom

Imagine having your phone hacked, and having all your naughty pictures uploaded onto the Internet for all to see. Or having your bank account hacked and seeing your hard-earned millions disappear. Or, when you’re on Facebook and you see!

That’s what Yahoo!’s exclusive web series ‘Cybergeddon’ is all about: the dangerous world of cyberspace and how it can happen to you when you least expect it. Cyber crime and hackers are the main stars ‘Cybergeddon,’ a nine-part, one-and-half hour, exclusive Yahoo! Web series. The drama follows FBI agent Chloe Joselyn,  who finds herself falsely accused of treason while working on a cyber-crime case. Running from the law, she enlists the help of a master hacker, one Rabbit Rosen, to track down the person who framed her while preventing, well, Cybergeddon.

Watch all nine episodes of 'Cybergeddon' here

Created by Anthony E. Zuiker, the great mind behind the ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ series, the explosive crime thriller stars Missy Peregrym (of ‘Rookie Blue’ fame), Olivier Martinez (‘S.W.A.T’) and yes, Malaysia’s very own Sarah Lian.

The 29-year-old Sarah, who was once named Malaysia’s Most Wanted Woman by FHM magazine, makes her first series appearance since moving to Canada, and she is “extremely grateful” to be part of the cast.

Sarah talks to Yahoo! Malaysia about her character in ‘Cybergeddon’, working with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars (and writers, of course!) and how she likes being turned into a punk!

Y!: How did you get involved in ‘Cybergeddon’?
‘Cybergeddon’ was casting out of Toronto and my agent sent me in to audition for one of the roles. This was actually my first film role in Canada since ‘American Pie’ and extremely grateful for it. The casting director sort of discovered me and since this role, it has led to some other great opportunities this summer. Counting my blessings for sure!

Y!: Tell us a little bit about your character in ‘Cybergeddon’.
My character's name is Blue. Blue is interesting because she can seem slightly aloof and yet she's an incredible smart girl when it comes to tech. She's a hacker girl who's got a bit of a crush on Rabbit Rosen with a few tricks up her sleeve!

Y!: How different is this role compared to the other roles you played before this?
I think this is the first time people have seen me look a little younger and punky. She's a college student with whacky skills. The director Diego was telling me that we wanted to be more edgy with her character and yet play around with her name Blue. Hence the blue streaks of hair. I liked how they altered my look and it totally changed my persona. Blue is a departure from my sexy romantic-interest characters.

Y!: What are the challenges you faced while filming ‘Cybergeddon’?
The usual challenges for every film set is probably long hours and trying to fit as much as you can in a day. Although there weren't much challenges while filming ‘Cybergeddon’, small hiccups would mean rescheduling shoot days which could sometimes be hard on the producers. Nonetheless, it always feels like a blessing to be on set and to be making movie magic. The cast and crew would have to depend on each other to keep spirits up and craft services fed us so well that I'm sure I put on a couple pounds working on the set!

Watch all nine episodes of 'Cybergeddon' here

Y!: How is like working with the likes of Missy Peregrym and Olivier Martinez?

I didn't have any scenes with Olivier but I had a chance to work with Missy and also managed to watch some of her scenes while I was prepping for mine. Missy is extremely professional and she has an ability to take ownership over her work while making it look so effortless.  Kick Gurry (who plays Rabbit Rosen) is hilariously funny, when I told him I was Malaysian, he recited “Selamat Datang!” to me as one of his friends taught him that phrase while he was in LA. I was impressed!

Y!: Did you get to meet Anthony E. Zuiker, the famed creator of the ‘CSI’ series?
Yes, I had the chance to speak to Anthony while I was on set and he was giving me pointers and ideas of Blue, sharing the vision he had when he was creating ‘Cybergeddon’. It was an honour to meet him as I feel as though he single-handedly developed the crime genre that was ‘CSI’ and its franchises. It was exciting to be part of a project that he had a hand in creating.

Y!: Why should your fans (or Yahoo! Readers) watch ‘Cybergeddon’
'Cybergeddon' is a way to start a dialogue about what is happening around us regarding cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism and much more. Much of our lives are web-based and this new generation thrives on the internet for everyday needs. We have so much information on the internet and if we are not protected or careful, we can be exposed to hackers and other dangerous situations like identity theft and other cyber-crime issues.

‘Cybergeddon’ has a great story with a stellar cast and it is a sure win for fans everywhere! After watching this, I want another installation of this show, I hope my fans will feel the same way!

You can follow Sarah on Twitter (@ImSarahLian). Also, if you missed the 'Cybergeddon', you can watch all nine episodes here!