Sandy Lam loves sexy dancing

Sandy Lam loves sexy dancing

15 Feb – Cantopop star Sandy Lam has got herself geared up for some sexy dance moves for her concert performances in Singapore on 6 April 2012, according to Daily Chilli.

More specifically, the seductive 45-year-old had said that she liked the choreography style they had planned for her.

For those who are wondering, the Hong Kong-born singer is among one of the few open-minded stars in Asia, even going so far as to gyrate portentously with one her dancer's head in between her legs as part of her performance during her concerts in Hong Kong and America sometime late last year for her 1991 hit single, "Mercy", which was composed by Singapore's songwriter Dick Lee.

"When I first saw the choreography, I went, 'Wow! I like it'," said Lam, who was recently in Singapore to promote her concert.

"It's very sexy, but it's not necessarily racy. It's important to have that fun element at the end of the day," she added.