Russell Brand recalls awkward Cruise dinner

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Russell Brand recalls awkward Cruise dinner
Russell Brand

Russell Brand was so late for dinner at Tom Cruise’s house he had to eat his entire three course meal while everyone watched him.

The two stars appear in the new musical movie Rock of Ages and Russell can’t believe how kind Tom was. Although they didn’t share too many scenes, the Hollywood icon made an effort to get to know the British star.

Tom – who is married to Katie Holmes - invited Russell to dine with him and his family, but Russell arrived late after shooting overran.

“I hung out with Tom a little bit, I went round to his for dinner but I was late - because of that baboon actually. It took ages [to shoot the scenes], he was jumping up and down,” Russell explained. “I got [to Tom’s] and he’d already had his dinner, so I had to sit and eat a three course meal on my own [with his family watching]. A lasagne, another pasta dish, yoghurt… I don’t imagine [he made it] I think the missus did.

“I went through that [impressive] gate [at Tom’s house]. The driver went in and Tom was like, ‘Hey does that guy want a sandwich?’ It was my birthday [during the shoot] and he got me yoga mats and all the stuff I was into.”

Although the pair got along well, there was one thing about Tom that Russell disliked.

In the movie, Tom’s rock god character Stacee Jaxx has a baboon and Russell had to film with it. He was terrified of the animal, explaining initially the beast wasn’t going to be in the film.

“It was Tom Cruise’s idea. When I read the script and more importantly agreed to do it there wasn’t a baboon in it. He hasn’t heard anyone say no since before Top Gun,” Russell laughed.

“I was trying my hardest [in the movie], apart from the thing with the baboon. An aggressive looking little demon thing - I bet the myth of the devil comes from people living near those things. And it had three baboon girls in its trailer, to relax it.”

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